Community Provided Services

  • Complete physical exams including patient histories
  • Ordering lab work and diagnostics such as:
    • X-Rays
    • Dopplers
    • CT Scans
    • MRI’s
  • Telehealth consultations for patient histories or physicals
  • Analysis & interpretation of both lab work and diagnostic tests
  • Medication reviews and management, including ordering refills
  • Chronic disease management
  • Transitional care
  • Physician rounding to supplement the NP/PA
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Rounding
  • Providing diagnosis and when necessary, make referrals to specialists
  • Wound care
  • Assessing and ordering if needed – what our patients need for equipment including:
    • Hospital beds
    • Oxygen
    • Various medical supplies
  • Assist families with end-of-life planning, including:
    • Signing legal paperwork
    • Signing Do Not Resuscitate orders
  • Patient counseling for:
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Weight Loss
    • Dietary Management
  • Direct access when needed to collaborating physicians

Angela Hoff’s philosophy about the services we provide & their value
Our primary goal is to allow your residents to age in place. We will do everything necessary to help you keep your residents living in their current situation and avoid hospitalizations. At Your Door is a group of Certified Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants, Medical Assistants and collaborating physicians providing compassionate care to residents in over 150 communities throughout Ohio.

The value of our services is that every day our rounding providers will save you energy, time, effort, and financial resources. Our direct costs are covered by the insurance providers and not your organization.

Our proficient and highly trained CNP’s provide head-to-toe assessments, order medications, order and interpret lab results, and much more.

We know it can be very challenging to transport your residents to their primary care providers, not to mention the associated expenses for your organization to have a dedicated van to transport them back and forth. We see your residents where they are living, helping to eliminate the necessity of your organization or their family members having to provide transportation to and from their appointments.

Our services also eliminate the risks associated with residents coming into contact with germs found in a physician’s office. Exposure can lead to a wide variety of complications. We avoid those completely by treating and diagnosing residents where they live. Again, this is part of our overall philosophy of providing the opportunity for your residents to age in place, knowing they are continually receiving the best possible medical care and attention.

Recently we have added a psychiatric nurse practitioner to our team to cover the mental health issues your residents might encounter. With a significant percentage of residents having some type of cognitive impairment, this is a benefit we offer our communities. It is part of our philosophy of compassionate care.

We also have a wound NP who is available to offer consultations with our staff as well as yours. Again, this costs your community nothing but can help you stand out in your marketing efforts if you are able to tell your residents and prospective residents that you partner with At Your Door!

Your community will have one At Your Door provider that your staff can contact at any time via cell phone or secured texting with questions or concerns regarding your residents, along with a 24 hour on call number for off times of the day or night. We ensure your community members are under the care of At Your Door 24/7/365. We will always respond to your needs quickly and efficiently!

Our provider will visit your community the same day and time each week (when census makes this needed) allowing your staff to know when we will be in your building. We pride ourselves in becoming a part of your team at each building! Again, this is an important component of our philosophy. If needed, we can see patients via telehealth or in person, providing our exceptional care even on days our providers are not in your building! Telehealth visits are also provided at no cost to the community.

We round with all of the area hospitals and multiple skilled nursing facilities. We will often follow your residents from your community to the skilled facility and back home again if they need to go into a skilled facility for any reason. We are able to access hospital records at any time via the state operated database we subscribe to.

Finally, we will end your worries about losing your residents if they are ever hospitalized by closely monitoring their hospitalization and skilled rehab stay.

If you are not already using At Your Door Visiting Healthcare Services, give us a try. If you are currently using another group but are not completely satisfied or want to offer your residents a choice, we would be happy to be that choice!